Wishing Puglia!

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Welcome in Puglia!

Enchanted land where natural lights are  mixed up in the beauty of natural landscapes. Between land and sea, here we stop our gaze.
In the ludgage, essential items for traveling and discovering. Outfits for the dynamic “traveler” woman, combinations and versatile accessories to pull off spontaneously at any moment of the day.


Giacca Sun68T-Shirt SiamoisesDenim Roy Roger’sStringata Manila GraceShopping Bag F.I.N.E

The t-shirt is the guest star, with casual jacket and jeans which complete the outfit in casual way. Focus on white laced shoes by Manila Grace, where arabesque details create a style game formal british.

Walking across the historical center


Top Michael Kors  Camicia Fred Perry  Shorts Cycle  Cardigan Sun68 Shopping bag Michael Kors  Sneakers Fred Perry

Between street markets and souvenir the outfit suggested is certainly more “easy”, with must have accessories such as the large shopping bag colorful and comfortable sneakers. The t-shirt here is matched with practical shorts and shirt in cotton, to be worn strictly open a perfect solution in streetwear style that is completed with the sweater tied at the waist.

At sunset


Top Mercì  Gonna Mercì  Ballerine Hogan Rebel  Shopping bag Michael Kors

The sunset lights give our location made in Puglia a new version. Change of outfit for the evening, softly chic. The contrapposition between white and black games with plays of transparency and lace. The Mercì sweater is particular and elegant with collegial neck, matched with mini skirt.

The must have accessories? Flat shoes and shopping bag with golden details.


Evening in Puglia


Abito Michael Kors  Giubbino Cycle  Pochette Michael Kors

Bon ton respected with the long dress by Michael Kors. The geometric prints and the combination with the short jacket in denim, however, makes it more daring formal rules. Mini clutch bag and chest checked accessories are right not to go unnoticed.

So it is a pleasure to be seduced by the nightlife of the village and why not? A romantic walk through the alleys with dinner at one of many characteristic restaurants of Apulian tradition.



Location: Alberobello (Puglia)
Hair Styling: D.Sire (Domenico)
Make Up: Desire (Daniela)
Ph: Liana Congedo
Model: Sara
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